1- Importing on the behalf of you (Buyer)


As per your order, we are responsible to buy goods from suppliers and bring the goods at your destination. We have our own licensed broker who handle the shipments and customs related work.


2- Supplier Research and Supplier Relationship Management


We are the suppliers for you with whom you collaborate. We are here as a game changer to your business who ensure the maximized value, transparency, and efficiency through out your supply chain. We enable you to gain access to the right supplier. As per your needs in terms of the quality, quantity, and the price, we provide you the best supplier We ensure that you get the maximum value against the money you pay to the suppliers. With our partnership, you may come across the best quality and lower cost.


3- Customers Management


Your profitability is mostly depended on your customers retention. In that case, there is a need to understanding the customers’ behavior and their needs. We as your partner ensure the proper engagement with your customers on your behalf in our specified ways. With our customers management strategy, you open the new doors for your company’s growth.


4- Product Development


With the help of our partner companies such as manufacturers, marketing and media companies, and logistics companies, we provide the services of developing your own product. We ensure the customized product design, its packaging, and its delivery in a timely manner. The production of your newly designed product is based upon the prototype or a sample that is sent to you for your satisfaction. You may get the access to our marketing abilities to reach the potential customers and to increase the sales and profitability.



We are dealing in the following sectors:


We are specialized in finding the potential suppliers for the European buyers trading in textile, leather goods, and in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). We deal in B2B trade between Pakistan and Europe. We are the partner for both (sellers and buyers).

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