Our manufacturers and suppliers have their own setup in the heart of the Kewra from where the products manufacture and export all over the world. They have the advantages of the location to produce the excellent quality and constant supply. Our manufacturers and suppliers are capable to design all the products according to yours own determined customization. Your demand is fulfilled according to your determined product' size, shape, weight, style and the packaging.




It has been found by the great Alexander in 326 BC when the herds of the horses started licking the chunks of the salt during the stay of Alexander in Khewra in the battle with Raja Pours. The salt range in Pakistan is around 300 kilometers with possibly 2,200 ft of height. The mining process of salt in Khewra had been started by Dr. Warth a renowned mining engineer of UK in 1872.


Medical Benefits


It cleans your surroundings by removing the dust, smoke of the cigarette and other contaminants in the air. A lamp made by the chunk of the natural pink salt in your room purify the air and makes you feel fresh because it absorbs the particles from the air. And people suffer from Asthma, coughing and other physical Allergy can seriously cut back these symptoms because when the heated salt releases cleansed vapor back into the air, this process increases the possibility to keep your lungs clear. Just put two lamps in your room where mostly you spend your time, because It increases your energy level if you feel mostly tired. The natural Himalayan pink salt has the ability to reduce your stress level because it neutralizes the electromagnetic radiations come out from television, computer, cell phone, tablet, appliances, etc. It is a useful product for the people living in the countries where the sun is mostly does not come out and where there is a dark weather prevails throughout the year.

Natural Rock Salt

Pink Salt Granule

Pink Crystal Salt

White Crystal Granules Salt

Animal Licks

Salt Lamp

Salt Lamp

Salt Balls

Cooking Slab

Salt Slabs & Blocks

Natural Salt Massage, Bath Soap and Chunks

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