Our all suppliers and producers meet all the European standard of food safety and quality. Such as maximum residue levels (MRLs) for pesticides, limited use of contaminants, Microbiological criteria for pre-cut fruit, Plant health and phytosanitary regulations, Marketing standards, Labelling and packaging. The producers and suppliers on our panel are currently registered with ISO 22000, Food Manufacturing Practicing (GMP), ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP). Our suppliers and producers are able to meet all the other standards that are required by the buyer and the country in which the buyer exist. Moreover, other than the items we are currently dealing in, the request to import other types of fruits and vegetables as per the buyer’ need could be considered.


  • Mangoes
  • Oranges
  • Potatoes



Mango is known by the name of ‘king of the fruits.’ It is a national fruit of Pakistan and Pakistan is the 5th largest producer and the 3rd largest exporter of mango in the world. Mango is one of the tropical fruits and it is on the top of the list of fruits grown in Pakistan. In recent years, the mango export has increased tremendously because of the innovation in freight and transportation system. Our suppliers use the world advanced technology system ‘Vapor Heat Treatment.’




The world desperately waits each summer for the most renowned and notable mango varieties in Pakistan:



An oval shaped mango known by the name of Queen of Mangoes or Honey Mango which is extremely sweet and aromatic.



Gulab Khas has an appealing apple-red color mingled with a delightful aroma and delicious flavor.



Neelam mangoes are scientifcally named as Magnifera Indica. They are in golden yellow color. They have attractive oblong shape, flavor and delightful aroma.



Highly demanded in the international market and size is between 5 to 7 inches. It is known by the name of Fruit from Heaven. The name justifies its taste itself.



It has a large array of health benefits, such as helping to maintain one's cholesterol level and even regulating diabetes. Fibreless flesh and yellowish brown in color. A sweet smell comes out when ripened.



A rich golden color and in dietary fiber with fruity aroma. It improves digestion, eye health, skin and lowers cholesterol because of its antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.


Anwar Ratol

It is known for its sweetness. It is sometimes called the 'mini powerhouse' having strong aroma that makes it stand out of rest.



Relatively a big sized fiber less mango that differentiate it with the rest.



Is a citrus fruit that people often love to eat. Pakistan produces a well-known orange known as Kinnow (King of oranges) is one of the best sources of vitamin C. Pakistan is the biggest exporter of Mandrain Orange. It is in round shape and easy to peel. A large part of European community like to have its juice in their breakfast. Kinnow contains around 47.5 % juice.



A highly digestible vegetable that is tasty and nutritive. It contains 75% of water. The Pakistan is self-sufficient to produce potatoes and in recent years the production reached around 4.1 million tons. The quality of production is according to the global standard. The country is included in list of the largest exporters of potatoes. Before exporting the country has established committees, commission and councils to figure out the global standard.

We are specialized in finding the potential suppliers for the European buyers trading in textile, leather goods, and in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). We deal in B2B trade between Pakistan and Europe. We are the partner for both (sellers and buyers).

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